We prefer you submit routine maintenance requests through your resident portal. Please login in and follow the prompts. If you do not have a login password for your resident portal, please click here.


After Hours Emergency Maintenance can be reached at (734) 668-1100


Emergency Maintenance Calls are Limited to:

  • Fire – Call 911 first!
  • Flooding/Frozen pipes (Do not ever turn your thermostat below 60 degrees, even if you leave for break!)
  • Leaks that cannot be easily contained until the next day’s business hours
  • Clogged toilet (If only 1 toilet in apartment)
  • No heat, no water, no electricity (call DTE (800) 477-4747 for power outages)
  • Refrigerator malfunction
  • Gas leaks (call DTE (800) 477-4747 for gas leaks)
  • Lockouts (There is a fee for after hours & weekend lockouts; see your lease agreement)